Total douche-nozzels, or just complete morons?  Please discuss.

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I'd probably agreed with you if I'd only heard the debates.  I was even willing to give them the benefit of the doubt and figured they'd never chosen to defend their belief in a debate type forum with speakers as polished as Chuck and Leighton.  I'll even give them as far as throwing email back and forth, then blocking Leighton after a final Joker bomb.  But then coming back after a month or more of silence, with a fake email account to boot, just makes them look really bad.

Both. Absolutely.

Last time I went to the beach I totally got all sorts of awesome mutant powers, so I don't know why they think that disproves evolution. And don't even get me started about what happened when I plugged in some meat..

The Second Law?

Hmmm...  "douche-nozzels, or just complete morons"  I don't think the two are mutually exclusive.




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