I thought we could talk about what we love/maybe not so love about the show.

If this isn't the best place for this please go ahead and remove this topic.

I found the show through a post on Pharangula discussing the infamous Mantle talk, and someone linked your episode on it.

Recently I really enjoyed the episodes on the Jehovah Witnesses, they where packed with great information on a subject I didn't know much about. I'd love to see more episodes like that! I'd also love to see more content on/about mormonism.

I only have one more point of criticism. I've tried to spread your show to two friends, who while mostly enjoying the show have stopped following it because of the constant laughter at times. While it doesn't bother me, and I'm often chuckling along with you, it was a pretty big turn off to them.

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Oh, I forgot to mention - Thanks a ton for the recent change from encoding in m4a to mp3!
I have a show idea.
Go to this webpage and read the part about Hell.


It's funny as...... Hell!


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