Admittedly I have only read some of his books but so far my favorite is The Gods Themselves. Does anyone else agree? If not what are your favorites?

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I've only read The original (3) Foundation and extended Foundation (4) and
Treasury of Humor so far, but loved them all. I have other books in queue and won't get back to Asimov for at least three months. I'm going to check out Positronic Man, Gods Themselves and Pebble in the Sky first.
The Foundation books are the next few books in my queue.
Almost done with Foundation and it great.
Did you finish it yet? What do you think?
Yes I finished the third one yesterday. The trilogy is great.

Now I'm reading The Stars Like Dust which is, in case you don't know, part of the Galactic Empire series precursor to the Foundation books. The series is set before the founding of the first empire. So far its interesting.
I enjoyed his children targeted books on the different planets in the solar system when I was young.

As an adult, Nightfall and the Foundation series.
Hi david.
I haven't gotten to that one yet, but I liked all the foundation stuff.
I'm on I robot now.
I have been trying to read some of the old articles that he wrote.
I also liked his science booklets.




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