Why Abstinence-Only Sex Ed Makes Kids Into Bullies

While Soraya Chemaly has no evidence, she makes a case that the increase in bullying which happened at the same time as abstinence only programs increased are plausibly connected.

I am saying that there is something inherently harmful about cultures that insist on abstinence-only teaching.

There are three primary ways that abstinence-only programs, with their emphasis on purity, marriage, and heterosexuality, create hostile environments that perpetuate the growth of rule-enforcing bullies, one slut-shaming, homophobic class at a time...

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I went to private school and they only taught abstinence. But the people were not bullied because of sex ed or anything like that.

I was picked on by the Pastor's daughter at one private school I went to. I don't really know why -- guess because I was quiet, reserved, and kind.

This article talks about why people get bullied. I was bullied because I am introverted, quiet and reserved. Also because I made straight A's and the teachers liked me. I still find myself picked on because I am introverted, quiet and reserved.

Here is the article:

What Type of People Get Bullied?

Oct 25th, 2010 by SaoirseOMara

Some type of people seem to be bullied more often. Which factors increase the risk of being bullied?

Read more: http://www.bukisa.com/articles/381524_what-type-of-people-get-bulli...

Yeah, I think it's plausible. She has evidence of backward things being taught in sex ed, although not evidence of the correlation between that and bullying. The abstinence-only quotes are biased, implying that men and women are always a certain way and that premarital sex is always emotionally devastating.  A person with the same mindset as these quotes probably would express their prejudices. The people who have this mindset are the people who wrote the quotes. The teachers might not feel quite the same way (do they read the book passages in class?) and the students won't automatically absorb the entire mindset. The most scapegoating part though was the quotes about children of divorced, single parent or unmarried parents. The kids can't help who they're born to--why single them out?

But it's not like teenagers are obedient. The more ridiculous the class is, the more it will be made fun of.

Now I'm remembering my abstinence-only class, watching some video about terrible things that happen to people who have sex before marriage and how people should wait, being forced to write essays about the benefits of waiting until marriage, oh and also test questions like "name two alternatives to abortion".  I regret not writing a smartass answer to that.




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