'Ambient' Bullying Gives Employees Urge to Quit

Merely showing up to work in an environment where bullying goes on is enough to make many of us think about quitting, a new study suggests.

"Of particular note is the fact that we could predict turnover intentions as effectively either by whether someone was the direct target of bullying, or by how much an environment was characterized by bullying," said corresponding author, Marjan Houshmand. "This is potentially interesting because we tend to assume that direct, personal experiences should be more influential upon employees than indirect experiences only witnessed or heard about in a second-hand fashion. Yet our study identifies a case where direct and indirect experiences have a similarly strong relationship to turnover intentions."

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From personal experience, no matter how hard you try, when someone decides you are "it", it's like Logan's Run.  The only thing to do is get out.  My only regret is not leaving sooner - it might be hard everywhere, but no one should have to swim, bloodied, with sharks, crocodiles, and piranhas.

Sentient I have had to quit jobs because of office bullies. It's just too much stress.




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