Why Children With Asthma Are More Likely to Be Bullied

New research has uncovered several factors which could explain why children with asthma are at an increased risk of being bullied.

The results revealed a number of factors associated with an increased risk of bullying. Factors such as a reduced participation with sport and feelings of sadness were significantly associated with an increased risk of bullying. Additionally, factors that could be improved, such as poor asthma control, parental smoking and parents' on-going worries about their child's health, were also associated with bullying.

"A number of the factors identified are things that can be changed, such as participation in sport, asthma control and parental worry over their child's health. As doctors, we must work with families to ensure these risk factors are removed and work with schools and teachers to ensure children with asthma are able to participate in sports at a level that is safe for them."

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Why Are Kids With Asthma Bullied More Often?

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I have noticed that any sort of "weakness" brings out the bullies.

Because I am an Introvert - I am very quiet - bullies see quiet as a sign of weakness - even though it is not weakness.

So they pick on Introverts - they won't pick on the loud and talkative bunch. It's something I've noticed while observing others.


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