"Bully" has finally gotten a PG-13.

Initially, the anti-bullying documentary was given an R for language by the Motion Picture Association of America. That prompted a battle for a lower rating that drew the support of high-profile actors, pop stars and politicians.

On Thursday, the Weinstein Co. announced that the MPAA has changed the rating to PG-13 -- in time for the April 13 opening in Detroit and other markets.

An agreement was reached with the MPAA that was described as a victory by the Weinstein Co., the film's distributor. But there were minor compromises on both sides.

Three expletives, all containing the f-word, were removed from the film. But a powerful scene of bullying on a school bus that includes three f-words will remain the same. Movies with more than one or two f-words usually are given an R.

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It's about time.

The MPAA was finally able to look past its supposedly sacrosanct standards to the reality of what "Bully" is about and the audience it addresses and got real about making it properly available to that audience, as well as all concerned.  Now perhaps we can get past the wrangling over film ratings and more thoroughly into what truly matters, being the subject of this film and the people it impacts.

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Thanks Loren.  I was glad to see this.  It looks like an important film. 


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