Key to School Improvement: Reading, Writing, Arithmetic ... and Cha...

Past policies to curtail substance abuse, violent behavior and other problems have shown only limited results, researchers said in the study, in part because they don't address underlying issues such as student's sense of self and social attachment. The new trend being explored is what they call social-emotional and character development.

Lessons include topics related to self-concept, physical and intellectual actions, managing oneself responsibly, getting along with others, being honest, and self-improvement.

This constructive approach sounds much better to me than the usual punishments for bullying.

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Someone else posted either that article or one very similar to it a day or so ago ... and my response remains the same: why aren't the parents doing this?  It's not as though US schools don't have enough to teach as it is, at least in part because parents are too busy keeping up with the Joneses or whatever to instill values in their own kids.  Disconcerting, to put it mildly.

For the record, that other discussion is over here.

Sometimes, Loren, parents are the problem. No doubt you're aware that dysfunctional families are more likely to have children who bully.

Or ... bully their own children, as my father did.  So the school system picks up yet one more job, and some kids get to experience another form of cognitive dissonance: what their teachers are teaching them versus how their parents behave!

No, I'm not really knocking what they're doing. I'm just pointing out that there's more to the problem, including some truly lousy potential complications.

Thanks for the article Ruth -- I enjoyed reading it.




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