Bullying is a symptom of deeper, more pervasive, tendency toward selfish violence. Riane Eisler describes human culture as having two strange attractors Partnership Culture and Dominator Culture.

Lately I've begun to realize that human beings have a dual nature, almost like the werewolf myths, a normal state and kill-or-be-killed. Chris Hedges War Is a Force That Gives Us Meaning brought this home, like a sledgehammer. Bullying is tolerated and minimized because it's part of the Dominator Culture warrior war myth. To be more precise, the warrior memeplex of Dominator Culture, which triumphs as war, is deep-seated even in so called peace.

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I will put that book on my Amazon wish list.  It sounds like something I should be reading.

I got mine used, quite cheap.

Certainly will get the book then. Knowledge is power.

I like Hedges, though I do not agree with him on everything. I'll be posting a review of one of his books later this week, I hope.




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