Cool School

is a children's game that lets them explore options for dealing with everyday conflict situations. Cool School - Where Peace Rules

Human development scientists and computer game developers designed a video game that teaches kids how to resolve conflicts peacefully amongst themselves. Inanimate objects, such as pencils and erasers, come to life to lead players through a series of common scenarios in which arguments are about to occur. The player is prompted for the non-violent solution and is rewarded for choosing correctly.

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Great idea. Now we need a "Cool Home: Where Peace Rules!"

Related to this: a study last year suggesting that "Kinder, Gentler Video Games May Actually Be Good for Players" (ScienceDaily)

"Relaxing video games put people in a good mood. And when people are in a good mood, they are more inclined to help others, and that's better for everyone," Bushman said.

Bushman noted that the relaxing video games were rated, by a separate group of college students, as being just as entertaining and enjoyable as the neutral and violent games.

(emphasis added)


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