Our focus has been on bullying as an individual or small group act, or at most on institutional enabling. What about systemic bullying - harassment, intimidation and social pressure as an inherent part of institutional structure which places profit above human life?

Hostile Work Environment: Justice to Investigate Suicide Wave

I see comparable changes here in the US, where corporate power crushes workers with impunity. My sister was demoted from full time to part time work at Lowe's because she didn't want to work weekends. It's policy to coerce employees to sacrifice their family time for the convenience of the corporation. The stick instead of the carrot of overtime is better for their bottom line. In some states profit is so golden that an employee can be fired at any time for any reason or no reason, by law.

This isn't just France, the US, and China. It's a global trend grinding all workers under the heels of "Corporate Citizens" with no heart. Why not admit that it's bullying?

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This used to be why unions existed ... until they got cast as the bad guy (pot, meet kettle!) and were disempowered insofar as the affected corporations could do so.  This, of course, leaves the little guy at the whims of said corporation, without collective bargaining to bolster his position.

I have said this many times: in the face of enlightened management, unions generally are not necessary.  In the ABSENCE of such management, unions are MANDATORY.

Right you are, Loren.




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