In How America's Bully Economy leads to a "Bully Society" Jessie Klein argues that school bullying is an outcome of a Bully Economy in the US. Parent's lives are controlled by someone else's drive for profit, so they have less time for their children. Children see the values of bullying succeed in the world around them.

Jessie Klein's new book explains how school shootings, bullying, and stressed-out kids stem in part from the US's cutthroat economy.

Schools are microcosms of American society where students are told that  financial wealth and superficial gender markers are compulsory for social acceptance. They learn these lessons from each other but also from grown-ups—parents, teachers,  and the wider culture  they inhabit.

They also learn to see life as a zero-sum game, where they can win only if someone else loses, rise only by ensuring  that  someone else falls. These values are at the core of bullying behavior, and they are also the foundation upon which much of the economic, political, and social life of our nation is built.

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