Unless you are a political junkie, the name Andrew Breitbart may not ring a bell.  The 40-something activist made his name and his living bullying opponents into submission.  This Atlantic essay by Ta-Nehishi Coatesis a classy take on Breitbart's heritage and death.  The existential truth is that we all die.  We all have a choice to live in a way that will result in the lives around us being better, or worse, or averaging out.  Breitbart used Ted Kennedy's death as a way to spread more hate, stating " Kennedy was a special pile of human excrement" and calling Kennedy "a “villain,” “a big ass motherf@#$er,” a “duplicitous bastard” and a “prick.”"


Breitbart did leave behind a family, who will now have to go on without him.  Was he a good husband and a good father, or was he a bully at home, too?  There is no way to know.  Did he drop dead because of his temper lead to high blood pressure and as stroke or heart attack?  We may or may not learn about that.  I don't see anything wrong with some schadenfreude regarding the demise of a bully, a jerk who poisoned public discourse with fraud and out-shouting his opponents.  Whether on the political right or the left, we are better off without bullies like Breitbart.



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Yeah he is really a bully in that video. I had never actually heard of him until recently. Thanks for the post.

Does it make me a horrible person to say good riddance to a big pile of rubbish?

His family may miss him but the rest of the world is better off without him.

SB - I've heard that said too, but I am wondering if his family will miss him....after a bit anyway.  I know, I'm terrible, but so was he....

Insane, and the kind that damages others. I suspect his wife and children, if he had any, have a lot of mental and emotional garbage to clean up. Some of his victims never will. For those who do, life can be very sweet, indeed. 




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