Presenter's horror after jibes at dead boy


Cruel ... pictures of Tom Mullaney and how they were doctored by trolls to mock his death - check link below for the pictures

Published: 18th March 2012

IT is the modern-day menace ruining lives via a computer screen.

“Trolling” sees everyone from grieving families to crime victims taunted by faceless bullies on social network websites and forums. When broadcaster Richard Bacon fell victim, he decided to investigate.

HOW can you tell if you are an internet troll?

Here’s a simple test.

Question 1: When you come across someone on TV or radio who you don’t like, what do you do?

A) Have a bit of a grumble with your friends then switch channels.

B) Contact that person through Twitter and tell them you hope they die in a plane crash.

Question 2: You notice on Twitter that singer Cher Lloyd is wishing her mum a happy birthday. What’s the correct response?

A) Do nothing.

B) Contact Cher, telling her to shut the f*** up or you’ll kill her mother in front of her.

Question 3: A teenager has died in tragic circumstances. How do you feel about this?

A) Obviously very sad.

B) Very excited. You’re about to have a right laugh posting “jokes” of a sexual or violent nature on the Facebook site set up for tributes — and posting not in your own name but under a made-up one.

If you answered “B” to any or all of the above questions, you are an internet troll — and one of Britain’s most cowardly people.

But what exactly is the definition of a troll? Who are these people? And why do they do it?

These are all questions I ask in a TV documentary, The Anti-Social Network, which will air on BBC3 tomorrow at 9pm.

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Rigorous exposure would be a good antidote.

I would think so. I sometimes have trolls show up on my Steam group and other groups on Steam. It's just appalling behavior.


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