Hate-based politics fuels bullying in schools.

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"Build that wall" versus "Stronger Together" ... could the contrast be any more blatant?

And tRump continuing to lie about Mexico "paying for that wall" after meeting with President Peña Nieto... way to go, gratuitously angering foreign heads of state even before being elected!

"Our Kids", possibly in a MoveOn channel of YouTube.

I don't understand how people can support tRump. I'm on a new social media called MeWe.com and there I expressed my hate for him and got so much flack for it, I felt all alone with no Liberals to help me. I was allowed to give my reasons and they responded that they weren't true. They agreed that the whole Congress  is corrupt, but tRump, as a businessman, could run this country which is not a country but a corporation better than a seasoned politician.

The advice of a seasoned WW1-era sociologist, Vilfredo Pareto: don't analyze political speech for its intellectual content; be aware of its emotional effects.

My compliments; you were aware. Your feeling all alone was an emotional effect.

I learned politics the same way, one encounter at a time.

That they allowed you to give your reasons intrigues me. I will visit them.

One important lesson I learned was that Liberals and Progressives differ. The liberals I know are mostly gentle folk. I'm a progressive, out to the left of liberals and sometimes as mean as conservatives.

People spewing politics don't have debate skills, only opinions and name calling




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