Cool School - Where Peace Rules

Human development scientists and computer game developers designed a video game that teaches kids how to resolve conflicts peacefully amongst themselves.

"What this game is doing is it's empowering children to make choices and decisions and to see what unfolds based on their own decisions," Dr. Killen said.

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Video game that has a lesson -- very cool! I think this might help. Conflict resolution is an important quality to have. Many students these days just don't know how to resolve a conflict in a peaceful manner.

This is from the link:

"ABOUT THE GAME: "Cool School: Where Peace Rules" came about when the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service asked a Human Development professor to help them design a videogame to help five to seven year old children deal with conflicts in a peaceful manner. The project relied on animators to create the visual environments, and for the professor to create scenarios that will help kids learn to resolve problems without resorting to violence. The game uses a wide variety of charactersýfrom erasers to desks to books and basketballsýto lead players through 52 different scenarios.To learn more about the game or to play it go to ("

TIPS ON STOPPING BULLIES: This list is adapted from material on the website of the United States Health Resources and Services Administration.


Tell an adult
Join clubs and groups where you will meet other kids
Support someone else who is being bullied


Think it's your fault.
Fight back or bully a person back.
Reply to online bullying




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