Anyone ever been to one of their meetings?

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I've never been to a meeting, and only discovered them recently. They meet once a month at a Unitarian church I believe off Arlington Expy. They also have a book club. I'm a little reluctant to show up because I don't know how many people attend and the age group of the attendees. I also have social anxiety issues so I'd probably have a panic attack or something.. There's also an atheist meetup group on that meetup website. Never been to one of those meetings either.. but at least that shows that there actually are atheists here in jax!
I've been to the UU 'church' in Mandarin. My son attends there regulary with his father. I went to their 'Christmas' presentation. There were approximately 40 people in attendance and everyone was very nice. It still seemed too much like a church service to me, singing and fellowship and all, I don't know, maybe all that was just for that particular celebration. Anyway, everyone was welcoming and not nosy, which was a plus. I've only attended that one service, but my son goes every other weekend and tells me he enjoys it, but he's 9 so his standards are a bit different from ours, I think. :)
I haven't been involved with the FCFS group in Jax other than getting their newsletter and taking part in their discussions on yahoo groups, but from what I gather they're an alright bunch. Anyone who might be interested in dipping their toe in can check them out on Yahoo here or get the newsletter here.

They also do a monthly meetup (nonmembers are welcome) at The Olive Garden as well on a Tuesday (2nd of the month I think?) I would totally have attended and probably joined by now but my work schedule has me tied up for the meetings and dinners.
Sorry, I didn't see this discussion link before I asked the question on the main page...I haven't been to one of the meetings yet but I've been considering checking one out. I guess nobody here has been to one yet either.
I've been once but its been a while. I figure what's the harm to going once more.
Is that the group who advertises on NPR? I've wanted to go but simply haven't yet.
the church that is...nevermind...
Okay. Last week I signed up for the newletter at FCFS. I do want to go to the meeting tomorrow. Anyone else game?
Do you guys meet at all?
Just left the First Coast Free Thought Society meeting tonight with Dr. Parvez Ahmed, I think it was very well done. I do not agree with his Theist slant, but he is a very smart and inviting person. Well worth the time spent.


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