i started it to explain life in japan to my friends and family back home. but thought it might be of interested to some of the members of this community. if you like it, feel free to subscribe at the bottom of the page.

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i'd agree with that. they don't have much of a reason to be activists, since atheist activism is a reaction to theists forcing religion down other people's throats. i don't see too much of that going on here. so you're right, it's more that the average modern japanese person just isn't into religion.

most of my friends will say they are buddhist if you ask them what religion they are. but then when you press further with questions like "do you believe in a god? especially a god who answers your prayers?" they'll reply that they don't really take any of that stuff seriously. and if i say "well i'm an atheist" they usually say "oh, yeah, me too."

belief in ghosts is pretty wide spread, tho.
Amida Jodo Shinshu?

to be honest, i only have a superficial understanding of buddhism. so i definitely wouldn't know the difference between the different japanese buddhist sects. lol.

well, good luck in the new year! woo-hoo!


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