Japan says it will hunt whales in the Southern Ocean this winter and will send a Fisheries Agency ship to guard its whalers against promised intervention by a conservation group.

"The Fisheries Agency will send a patrol boat and take increased measures to strengthen the protection given to the research whaling ships," Fisheries Minister Michihiko Kano said at a news conference Tuesday.

At its annual meeting in July, the International Whaling Commission passed a resolution calling on its member countries "to cooperate to prevent and suppress actions that risk human life and property at sea."


What I'd like to know is what sort of scientific reports are coming out from Japan for all the whaling they do every year? I want to hear from the scientific community on this. Give me hard evidence and I might not be so suspect.


So, fellow expats, please tell me if you've come across anything of the like, links if possible. I have to wonder if they would still practice this if the loophole they use was closed by saying any scientifically based fishing cannot include any commercial profit and that no remains in any shape or form are allowed entry into any country.


How does this issue affect you, if at all, as expats in Japan?


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there was a report i saww in japan times about a year ago. i dint read it. i support sea shepard, so its obvious where my sympathies lie.

also they lose money by trying to sell the whale meat. so it seems that most of ot is in expensive freezers, and after a certain period of time passes it is turned into fertilizer

i looked at some of it and it was as sick as i thot it wud be

What was their data? Hodge-podge cover-up stuff or anything valid?


I wonder, also, at the dynamics of the consumers in Japan. How many who eat whale-meat are older versus younger? Is the meat consumed for taste or affluence? From what you said, it sounds like the demand is not as high as the fishers would want... If the demand drops low enough, will they stop fishing?

whalers, sorry.
when i arrived here the second time in '66,and later after i married the wife and i bought whale meat. then it was half the price of pork. neither of us liked it, so we stopped buying it.

well, i dont have data. but i think that older people eat it more now because its expensive and the older people have the money.  few of the young people eat it enuff to learn to like it. demand is now very low. they cant sell a quarter of what they kill. why do they do it? the reason is not economic. people here do not need more meat. the media presents it like its a part of the japanese life, but no one eats it.  of course in the area of taiji and i beleive in iwate prefecture they eat more of it, but not in kyoto.  you hacve to look for shops that sell it and they arent common.

its presented like its the stupid foriegners telling us how to live.


These are just off the web, I haven't read all of them, just two papers from them in English. Haven't looked at the Japanese language ones yet.


I read somewhere that Japan rejected Norway's commercially harvested whale meat for the first time due to down turn in sales of whale meat in Japan. But I can't find the article on the net, I googled for it but can't find it. 

if so its a good thing.




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