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So this past weekend, I went down to Tokyo with some friends to support and march in the Pride parade for Tokyo Rainbow Pride. Only while I was there did I find out it was their first year... Not too shabby! I think a lot of passers-by on the street were a bit confused, though. (And there are Pride parades in Osaka--not sure when or if there'd been a different Pride event in Tokyo, before. I'd think so! But apparently, this one is a new group...)

Sunday was just beautiful, if a bit hot. I was proud of my friends and of everyone who came. One of my friends posted a picture of me at Pride on Facebook. I had a moment of "Oh!" and then a moment of "Good! I can see how many FB friends of mine need to hear my opinion!" (As if I needed an excuse!) But then I thought... Weren't we told not to post pictures of people at the event to Facebook?

A couple of funny things happened while there, though... There was a Pride priest. His robes were vaguely catholic (bishopy or popesque)--white with rainbow sashes and a rainbow cross. My friends and I thought he was a cosplayer (just in costume) but no--it's actually part of his religion. I didn't ask details... And then later, as we were leaving the park, some people handed out flyers. (In English--couldn't say 読みませんね~ to them--) I skimmed it over and snickered as we walked away. It was silly enough that I may do a blog post on it later.

But, yeah! So it was great to be out with progressive-minded folks supporting the rights of others to the ones we all should have. :) It was just quirky to see folks peddling their religion. Makes me want to fold up a bunch of blank paper to hand out, next year. :P

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