True to my nature, I started a project (this group) with absolutely no idea to its direction or purpose; apart from getting together a bunch of atheists/agnostics/ect with ADD/ADHD, of course. I got the idea after checking out the aspies group.

ADD/ADHD certainly has a reputation among the religious. Like atheism, ADD/ADHD is often stigmatized and almost always misunderstood, especially by the church. Fortunately, my mother was smart enough to take our doctor's advice and got me on meds at an early age. I still struggle in school (I'm currently in community college and should be transferring soon) but I have to say the medication makes a huge difference for me. Unfortunately not all of us have been so lucky, especially those of us that grew up before the age of Riddlin (personally I prefer Adderal). I've heard lots of stories about ADD/ADHD and religion - everything from exorcisms to churches discouraging parents to get their children medication to denying its existence all together, so I figured this could be a good place for ex-theists to talk about their experiences, if they have any. We could talk about ADD/ADHD in general too, of course.

At this point we're pretty much a tabla rasa. Everything is open to change and discussion. We also need members! So if you have ADD/ADHD, or have a child or spouse with ADD/ADHD, I hope you'll join up and let me hear your thoughts. =]

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I was on Concerta, but have been off meds for a couple of years, as I had extreme difficulty sleeping. Concerta worked for me, but I didn't use anything else. I'm prone to insomnia/being a nightowl, so I won't go back on meds until I get my sleep cycle sorted.
I'm having a crisis at work and in danger of losing my job (again). A colleague mentioned the symptoms of ADHD, and for each one I was like, "Yep, yep, that's me, that too, yep..."

I hope you don't lose your job. My resume is as long as my arm.

There are some books that are supposedly helpful for people with ADD. Have you read any of them? I think I mentioned one on the comment wall.
I couldn't believe it at first. I used to think to have ADD you had to be unable to focus at all on anything. But I've always been able to hyper-focus on certain things that interested me, so I never even considered ADD.

Well hello fellow Atheists with ADD/ADHD!!
I'm Sean, new to Atheist Nexus and this group! a bit of background...
I've thought I was ADD since High School but didn't get diagnosed till college...and was only diagnosed ADD. I've done concerta and Adderall but became resistant quickly.

if it was mentioned in this thread already...I missed it.. as I didn't just read every word. I found out that Riddlin/Concerta...have a very similar chemical make-up to caffeine. so that has really been my drug of choice.

sorry.....I got distracted...

nice to see a group of like minded (literally) individuals. be seein ya!

Sean m. Hebner
As a programmer, I *need* to be able to concentrate to do my job. I used to use caffeine to cope, but it has only given limited help. So far the Dexedrine is much more effective, and I can pretty much go without caffeine now. Caffeine just didn't cut it for me, although it was the closest thing I tried that worked at all.
thats about right
Thanks for the group and the invite! I've been meaning to get around to joining but ... wait, something shiny!
thats how its done!




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