I think I may be noticing that caffeine is actually interfering with my medication (Dexedrine). Before I was diagnosed I used to use exclusively caffeine to try to concentrate at work. Usually Coke, but sometimes coffee as well.

In the last few weeks I've noticed my medication hasn't been working as effectively as it was at the beginning. Today I had a Coke in the morning, but not in the afternoon, and suddenly I'm feeling the effects of the medication I took this morning. I'm thinking it might be because the morning Coke has worn off.

This might explain the last few weeks, since I've been using caffeine more often recently. Does anyone know of this kind of interaction?

The difference is that the caffeine seems to block the euphoric effect of the medication. It makes me feel 'cold' instead of 'warm'. Jittery and anxious. That used to be the only way I could get work done. But now I wonder if it's actually blocking the beneficial effects of the medication. Does this make sense to anyone else? I hope it's not just my imagination.

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I'm not allowed caffeine as well. It used to fuel my manic excursions before I was medicated. I think my Doctor just uses "interactions with meds" as an excuse to get me away from caffeine. Damn, but I miss it.
I miss the manic episodes I experienced before my doctor came up with the particular batch of meds I now take, but I don't miss crashing after a period of mania. That depression was often hard to take.
chemically speaking ... Caffeine and most ADD/ADHD meds are VERY similar..so yes..your counteracting your meds by drinking/ using caffeine
That's sacrilege.
no rest for the wicked??
Update: I've since given up caffeine almost entirely, except for occasional recreational use. I've found that it makes me anxious and jittery when used in combination with my medication.

I also heard about the acidity issue. I now take my meds with only water in the morning, and have since found that they have not been fading in effect as I was worried about. (Never found a good explanation for why the effects of the meds should *come back* after the first Coke wore off, though, considering I hadn't taken any more pills.)

One source told me that there's a kind of asymmetry with caffeine and amphetamines. The amphetamines will boost the effects of the caffeine, but the caffeine will not boost the effects of the amphetamines. So, basically, I was getting anxious and jittery for nothing. So I just gave up my caffeine strategy entirely.

"Hope this might help. I've been working on my ADHD for a while and if anyone has questions feel free to ask. I help on an ADHD site and have a pretty large information base to work from."

Which site? I just posted my latest problem here: http://www.addforums.com/forums/showthread.php?p=835672

Today, I'm cutting down to 20mg from 30 to see if it helps. I really need to get my procrastination under control, ASAP. Any ideas?
"As to procrastination - creating a rigid schedule for taking the meds helps."

I take my meds just fine. I'm talking about getting real work done. I explain in the post I linked to.

"Going from 30 to 20? I'm not sure if that is going to help. Are you taking regular release or spansules?"

Again, I explain in the post I linked to. I went up to 30 and now have more side-effects, no help with procrastination, and it *seems* (could be wrong) that it's even harder to get out of hyperfocus. So I wonder if I went too high. (I'm taking IR.)




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