So ....maybe its part of my add, maybe its the massive amount of brain activity....
but I JUST NOW NOTICED...that Outlawgirl's name had girl in it....

I've been a member of this group...what....3, 4 MONTHS now....

anyone else have that problem....Not noticing that little (sometimes major) detail until WAYYY after the fact?? discuss

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You know how the brain omits and or supplies stuff that you think should or should not be there??
does that make sense?

maybe it was that....and do you think that response is amplified by ADD?
I think she changed it from Outlaw to Outlawgirl recently. So yes, you're leaping to conclusions about yourself not picking up on something- somthing that wasn't there.
I hope your right......
however I DID tell outlaw to go to Anime club meetings for the "cute Anime chicks" ...
that's part of what I mean by the leaping to conclusions...and I do that alot. when I truly know very little about outlaw... so I guess the round about thing is "sorry Outlawgirl" didn't mean to scare you there or anything....I have a leaping to conclusions problem.
She might be lesbian or bisexual, so you could be fine.

I didn't know that they let wee poultry run around at Anime club meetings.
Ha! No anecdotes, but I do things like this quite often. I'm usually picking up all the details (even have a hard time not hearing other people's conversations in restaurants), so when I suddenly notice something that's always been there, and I didn't notice it before, it's even more jarring.
She did change it.
Yep, I sure did Sean. Which is why I got divorced as soon as I could.




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