Everybody has their forgetful moments, but we seem to have them more than most. For example I've been known to microwave pizza for dinner and find it still sitting in the microwave, stone cold the next morning, because I got caught up in something else and forgot I was making something. Sometimes I forget more serious things - like doctor appointments.

Anyone know a good strategy for remembering things? I've thought about getting a day planner but I'm worried I'll either lose it or forget to keep it updated.

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Not only do I have a day planner, I also use Google Calendar (which sends me as many reminders as I schedule), and once a month write all upcoming events/appointments on a wall calendar. I still end up forgetting/missing major events. I think it's the nature of the beast. When my cohabi-tater reminds me, and helps me get out the door, I am amazingly close to being on time.

Maybe some people with ADD/ADHD can get to the point where they never forget anything, but me? No way. I write everything down, then lose the paper. A week to years later, when I do a thorough archeological excavation, I find that particular slip of paper. It is then relevant as an historical artifact.

One of the few ways I find effective to help me remember is by writing something on a post-it note and affixing it to the computer monitor. I was once in the habit of doing this, and that really worked for me. Except, there were times when I focused so hard on whatever I was doing on the monitor, I forgot the note.

The biggest thing I learned... create personal habits. I always put my glasses away in the same place every night, and always put my keys in the same place when I'm not using them.

Well, most of the time. However, I do find my keys and glasses more often now.

I'm going to start having Google Calendar send certain reminders to my cell phone when my human alarm clock isn't around. I have found setting alarms helpful. I always put a clock in the bathroom where I can see it from the shower. Need another alarm clock, as I wore out the old one.

Oh, and I forgot about this book that I have yet to read: "ADD-Friendly Ways To Organize Your Life" by Judith Kolberg and Kathleen Nadeau, Ph.D. Looks useful, but I haven't read it yet.
Day planners make really great coasters.
I fear this is exactly what my day planner will turn into. My desk is covered in "coasters" of all varities.
Ha! In my house, mine made a great chew toy for the Frankenstein Cat. I must have spilled something edible on it at some point.
I'm super forgetful, too. The most annoying thing I forget is my water glass when I fill it with water from my fridge. The dispenser has a filter and it literally takes a couple minutes to fill a big glass, so I frequently leave it to fill while I do "just one other quick thing". In the last year I've forgotten about it no less than 11 times, letting it overflow into a huge puddle on the kitchen floor. So far I've been lucky and it hasn't actually leaked through to the basement.

To remember appointments, I (try to) use a calendar, I also make notes on my computer in a "Remember This!" file (which I usually forget about), if it's super important I also put it on my phone's calendar so I get an alert the night before. For doctor's appointments I always request a reminder call a day or two before. (My last ADD doctor made that manditory for all of his patients.) Beyond that, I have become very good at apologizing.
In the last year I've forgotten about it no less than 11 times, letting it overflow into a huge puddle on the kitchen floor.

Thank you for this cautionary tale. We don't have a water filter in our fridge, but thanks to your warning, probably won't get one.

Beyond that, I have become very good at apologizing.

Hahaha! Me too!
Oh, I have to share one other pathetic forgetful story. For my son's second birthday, the night before the party I made this awesome dinosaur cake. Took me about three hours to do (thanks to the mildly obsessive characteristic of my ADD), and when I was done I put it in the oven so the cat wouldn't get into it overnight. My in-laws were visiting, so that night I told everyone to be careful and not turn on the oven in the morning without taking the cake back out first.

Well, as you can guess, the next morning I decided to make cinnamon rolls for everyone and without thinking I turned on the oven to preheat. Then I got distracted with the decorations and forgot to put the rolls in. About an hour later everyone started coming downstairs commenting on how good breakfast smelled. I instantly felt bad because I forgot to put the rolls in, and said I'd get to them soon. About 10 minutes later it finally hit me that I had left the cake in the oven. All of the decorative frosting had melted off, and the cake itself was hard and slightly burnt. Fortunately the party wasn't until much later that day so I was able to get another one made in time.

This year I put a bunch of masking tape over all of the oven controls so I couldn't turn it on without taking the cake out first.
Oh, I don't know that I'd have much to contribute to a cooking group! Mostly I just try not to burn the frozen pizzas (while keeping the take-out menus handy just in case).

Actually one thing I discovered that is GREAT for people with ADD: crock-pots. I can just throw a bunch of stuff into it in late morning before I get too overwhelmed with other things, and forget about it for 8 hours or so, and most of the time it all turns out great.
I grew up partially on crock-pot food. Thanks for the reminder! We'll have to get one.

Mom had four of us to raise on her own, and until she taught me how to cook, we'd all come home to crock-pot meals. I'm pretty sure mom also had ADD/ADHD, but I think she learned to manage it much better than I have. Could also be she didn't have it as bad as I do.
(thanks to the mildly obsessive characteristic of my ADD)

I'm so glad outlaw started this group (Thanks outlaw!), because I'm really enjoying having other people to talk about being ADDled with. I'm also mildly obsessive. Sometimes it doesn't seem so mild.

This year I put a bunch of masking tape over all of the oven controls so I couldn't turn it on without taking the cake out first.

Hahaha! This is brilliant! We have to put things in the oven, too, to keep the cats out.
Saved by the bell.

Isn't it amazing how burnt food smell is horrible, but woodsmoke from a campfire is lovely?




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