SO there is so many more of us now...that I think I need to stat a new topic.


What do you like? how long would you play if you had the free time?

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WoW baby! I play everyday. Many weekends are spent doing nothing but playing WoW.

Glory to the Horde!!!!!!!
I loves the horde....but after playing 15 hours a day on my main toon Menchii....I ....needed to stop
lol, I understand Sean, I sooo understand!
I avoid video games like the plague. I used to play obsessively. If I start a game, hours, then days, go by, and my life turns to shit. Not worth it. In university, I was visiting a friend's dorm room, and we found an old copy of Civ II. I started a game on his computer. He went to dinner, I kept playing. He came back, then went out with friends. I kept playing. He came back, went to bed. I kept playing. He woke up, went to class. I kept playing. It was only when I realized that it would be dinner time *again* that I was able to stop playing, having played for over 24 hours straight, with no breaks. Nope. Not worth it.

I had a 99% Free Cell record after over 1000 games, and beat easy Minesweeper in 8 seconds, and hard in (I forget exactly, but I think) something like 145 seconds. Not worth the time spent. I just couldn't stop.

Tried a few games recently, same problem. I even got hooked on Chessmaster, though I'm not even that great at chess, but the AI fascinated me and I'd try all sorts of scenarios with it. Now, I'd rather play a game with a person, face to face.
I hear that and as long as you are aware........I'm an RPG nutt and I spend 100+ hours on every game.
I completely understand this Wonderist! It's very few games that I am able to play in the first place. They have to be games that I can actually "do" Morrowind and Oblivion I could use the editor to build my own world. So much time is wasted on games in my life but they keep me from the depression. It's the ones that I can play with my partner that make it so hard to get away from for me.
I love them. Play whenever get the free time. Even play them to get relaxed whenever I am overworked.
I hear that....




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