In Israel, 3 teenagers decided to make a fake "holy grave" of Onkelos and people flocked all over to pray there. When it was exposed, people still kept coming with the neighbors complaining about the idiots trampling the grape vines.


It was on the local news here and I translated this for a friend of mine. So click on "CC" for "Closed Caption" (bottom of the screen, a bit to the right) and select English, unless you can read Hebrew.

You have to click "play" before the "CC" option will appear, apparently.


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Nice to see that some of us Jews are equally as foolish as the gentiles who surround them. Goddamn 'em all!

Well, it's not any different than the Chabadnikim who walk around the Rabbe's table after kiddish with their empty cups, imagining him filling them, or bowing to his empty chair, praying to it, and leaving messages on his empty desk (google youtube Chabad rebbe chair for several of these hidden videos).


I suppose people need a dead human to talk to!


Apikorsim like me, however, are another matter. heh!

The Chabad people are the equivalent of liberal Christians. Both argue for a reasoned approach to their horseshit and make the truly strident stronger by increasing the general number of willing suckers for religion.

Oh, and I use the handle "Apikoros" in some online venues. GMTA!

Ah, so you're the one! :D

I used to be at Delphi and I'm currently at Go Comics as Apikoros. I'm also El Judío Bravo or El Judío Boricua.

So, I was raised Jewish but I have never been to Israel. Is Israel more or less religious than the USA? Are non-religious ethnically Jewish men in Israel allowed to date or interact with other non-religious women in Israel before marriage or not even get married?

Remember, Israel was founded by secularlists and atheists. There is still one last atheist kibbutz. (Kibuttim are dying due to the theory behind them). And when the Russian influx came in, you ended up with huge numbers who could not even prove that they were Jewish, never mind having a connection. So yeah, the makeup isn't too different than the USA. But if you live where I do, it's sort of a bubble where non-religious is a rarity - a sort of a flip.


And anyone can date or do whatever they want. It's a democracy, not Shi'ira law! ;) However, the Charadeim are in charge of the religious courts, and if you want to get married, you need to prove that you are both Jews (mother's ketuba, etc.). Some just take a jaunt to cyprus, have a wedding there, and bring back the paperwork to the courts for filing (intermarriage or gay weddings).


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