Hello  fellow Jews.....I am having another  debate  in the main  room over circumcision.......As a circumcised  Jewish male, I have no memory  of the  procedure  and  have had  no problems  with it as an adult......Many in the main room  say it is torture  and needs  to be banned........I retaliate  by saying it has  been done to Jewish  male  babies  for thousands  of years without  a problem.......Then  a video was shown  about  some  Jewish  Secular  Humanists  who refuse  to have it  performed  on their  sons.....My question to you all is am I being stubborn here or  is there a movement  in the Jewish  community  to stop this very old  tradition.....Should we as Jews give in to this new trend or stand  with our tradition?   I am would appreciate  your comments..............

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If a baby is born with a 6th finger on each hand, which does not interfere with the function of the other fingers on the hand, should it be removed? The finger is unsightly but not crippling. Where's the line?

There is a movement for everything if you search enough amongst us Jews. That said, the tradition of circumcision is apparently -god forbid- tattooed on the Jewish psyche.

It is so basic as to be instinctive; Jewish men circumcise their sons whether or not the mothers are Jewish. It is tribalism in our own day and age. I believe the Spanish and Portuguese Inquisitions were among the few institutions to successfully eradicate the practice amongst the baptized Jews and their descendants. The Syrian Greeks tried but never did succeed in doing so.

I stand against circumcision. But Jews and Muslims will circumcise their sons in spite of laws against this.




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