There has been some discussion regarding the description for the group.

"For Atheists coming from Judaism."

I don't find this limiting or exclusionary at all. Is it really necessary to add "or anyone else with interest..."? I think that anyone with interest is welcome to join.

Please discuss.

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It's not entirely clear from the group description, though I don't assume that non-Jews are excluded. The descriptions of groups for other nationalities and peoples are often more explicit about the inclusion of others. I belong to several such groups: Black Freethought, African Atheists, Indian Atheists, and maybe others I've forgotten. Needless to say, I do not originate in all of these demographic groups. But also, even for Jewish atheists, the designation "Jewish" applies both to religion and ethnicity. A person can be Jewish in origin, but doesn't "come from Judaism" if (s)he was raised in an irreligious family. At the very least one should say: "atheists of Jewish origin". And maybe add, "and others serious interested in or sympathetic to the Jewish people", to include others positively interested (i.e. not with an agenda to engage in political or other harassment). This may not be a trivial addition, considering the persistence of prejudice, stereotypes, and misinformation out there, among atheists as well as other non-Jews.

Re my remark on the wall about tradition: the cultural crossover phenomenon esp. in the USA is hardly uncommon. Just as there are Jews who "desert" Jewish ethnic or religious traditions, there are others with an interest in Jewish history and culture. The prevalence of intermarriage alone speaks to this. Ultimately, the preservation of historical memory of any group may not be dependent solely on members of that group.
Ok. Ralph I get it.

How about "For Atheists of Jewish origin and others interested in Jewish history and culture."
That actually sounds good. I appreciate being able to join this group. I could see that others had joined without necessarily matching the description, but it was important to me not to offend you. Thanks!




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