This is the case that led to formation of this group. Bennett Barbour was convicted of a 1978 rape.  He had a verified alibi.  He did not look like the description of the attacker.  He had a disease that made him incapable of  the attack.  Even so, Barbour served 5 years in prison.  He lost his family and any chance for a livelihood.  DNA testing exonerated him of the crime, but he was unaware of that exoneration for 2 years, still living with the fact that he was a convicted "rapist".  The state of Virginia has still not formally declared him innocent, despite the flimsy conviction and the DNA exoneration.  In fact, the state denied freedom of information act requests.


The linked Slate article makes for some hard reading.  It looks like there are more than 70 other DNA exonerations in Virginia.  The state appears to be dragging its feet.  Only 4 have been officially exonerated.


Justice has not been done.  In fact, it looks like there is a conspiracy to keep innocent people labeled as convicted felons.  

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Sadly, he is one example of many, …all who seem to share the same tint of skin, many on death row.

A state, and those serving as its proxy (especially), guilty of such a wrong-doing are guilty of a crime against humanity, that's how I see it.

You are speaking my thoughts as well.  I admire the Innocence Project for their activism.

I live in Texas where capital punishment is routinely carried out. DNA has cleared some from execution. So the question is .. How many we're wrongly accused and given the death penalty?

This is one of those things that transcends any belief system, it's just plain injustice.

…I just thought of another exception to my stance on Capital punishment… (just kidding, …sorta')

This page at The Innocent Project sums up my thoughts in a nutshell.

Speaking of "evidence of guilt" and in some reference to my "thought experiment", and those who conspire against innocent citizens in regards to ignoring/dismissing evidence that would exonerate them.

What, if any "justice/consequences" should apply to those knowingly investigating/prosecuting/incarcerating an innocent as a convenient "case closer"?

I seem to be losing respect for the justice system more and more.  I agree that the Innocence project is an amazing organization. 

Prisons for profit is like the military industrial complex, a self sustaining industry that corrupts the government.

More chilling reasons to oppose the death penalty.



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