Hate is profitable in Arizona. Arizona's new immigration law, S.B. 1070 requires law enforcement officers at all levels to arrest and imprison anyone they suspect should be carrying legal documentation papers, i.e. anyone who looks nonwhite to them.

The victim is not only jailed for 20 to 30 days, just for not carrying documentation, he/she must pay for the incarceration. Victims are warehoused in the profit prisons behind the legislation.

This is the web of conspirators (my term) behind this heinous law.

Now it's legal in the US to jail someone who has committed no crime in a for profit prison and make them pay for it. Arizona is essentially kidnapping, as I see it, and extorting the victim on top that.

Corporate Con Game

Ties That Bind: Arizona Politicians and the Private Prison Industry

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And the citizens of Arizona voted this in, in effect legalizing kidnapping and extortion that goes to for-profit prisons. I am reposting, May I quote your article as is with attribution to you?

I heard about the Arizona immigration laws.

I didn't know about the other issues they had. Thanks for the post.



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