Former proponents of death penalty in California, now lobbying to repeal the law.  Issues:

Death row is a $184million a year industry for lawyers, expert witnesses, and prisons.

There are over 720 on death row currently. 

No executions in 6 years.

13 executions in 34 years.


I don't know that a financial argument, as opposed to an ethical argument, is the way to make a decision on death penalty.  One could argue the other way - do away with appeals and execute immediately after a trial - big cost savings there.  Still, I'm glad they are discussing the issue.

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SB, the money savings alone should be a great incentive. A study here in Texas back in the '90s said the state could save app 6 mill. per inmate over their lifetimes ( app 40 yrs. on average) by incarcerating said inmates for life. Well, we're still lining 'em up and mowing 'em down, and noboby seems to care.  At least they are willing to talk about it in California. I agree, it could be a two edged sword, with immediate executions, but somehow I don't think the courts would allow that without some cursory examination of the facts. Be well, my friend.

Ethics smethics, this argument used to push through a referendum may be the only way California can get rid of death row. Don't know if there is any way to beat the incarceration capitalists without a voter initiative.

Connecticut just banned it and imo that is a very good thing.



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