In California, death row is expected to cost between 5 and 7 billion dollars by 2050.  

also interesting to see:

The National Registry of Exonerations — a database of those who were wrongfully convicted and later exonerated since 1989 — reports that California had the second-highest number of wrongful convictions in the country at 97 (tied with Texas). The state with the highest number, Illinois, eliminated the death penalty in 2011.

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How sad! So much spent on incarcerating people and the terrible realization that many are innocent. Of course the death penalty just has to be reconsidered. With the privatization of prisons, there is an incentive to have a population and keep them, and build new prisons. It is just awful. I know you feel deeply about this subject and you do make a difference by raising consciousness. 

If we added the cost of incarceration and military, we'd might have enough to mitigate the underlying problems making them seem necessary. Too bad our civilization hasn't figured out better ways to deal with criminal and warmongering behavior.



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