I had no idea that children born abroad of legal immigrants had no means to acquire citizenship in the US, till I read this report.

No Relief for Thousands of Immigrant Youth Left Out of Obama Immigr...

These youth, the children of recruited professionals, immigrated to the United States legally under promises of citizenship and rights. Over a decade later, many of them are now too old to qualify for certain educational and professional benefits; they have not been granted citizenship, cannot work, and cannot afford school. Without identification many are subject to deportation.

If parents do not receive a green card by the time their child reaches 21, the dependent is considered an adult and “out” of status. This faulty and dysfunctional immigration process has left too many young-adults without residency.

 We urge the passing of legislation to ‘provide benefits to any children of a professional immigrant recruited to serve the United States through public service at the local, state, or federal level, regardless of their age at the time of arrival or at the time of application for benefits’. [emphasis mine]

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