In November 2011 Robert Champion died shortly after being severely hazed in a busload of band members from Florida A&M University.   Some reports suggest that the hazing was more severe than usual due to his being gay; others because he was opposed to hazing.   Regardless, in the end what is clear is that he was beat to death buy a busload of his peers.  Charges of hazing-to-death have been filed against about 13 young men, and arrests are pending.


There are significant differences between this and the death of Trayvon Martin.  This death was at the hands of many assailants.  All were the same race.  Champion was gay.  There was no claim of self defense on the part of the assailants. 


There are multiple perspectives on the death of this young man, without a lot of the facts being known yet.  Here is one discussion, stating that Champions killers will be let off easy.  I dont think that if they are in prison on felony charges, for several years, that is easy.  As noted in this discussion, "every one of the participants in this gang-attack can be charged with murder, even if it can’t be determined which one struck the final death blow."  So why haven't they been charged with murder? 




If in New Jersey, a case enters the national psyche because a student commits suicide after being hazed electronically / virtually, and in Florida a case enters the national psyche after a young man is murdered for walking through a neighborhood in a hoodie, why aren't more people interested in this case of a young man being beat, choked, and kicked to death on a school bus?

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