I believe we were talking about the privitization of the prison system in this group earlier and the US having the most 'inmates' because of the 'for profit' prison system. So that having been said, please circulate this, I am not on Facebook or G+ in order to further circulate it and this is an article that my husband stumbled upon via a linkedin contact, I haven't seen this anywhere in the local news and though it came from CNN, I can't recall hearing or reading it anywhere until he sent it to me this morning.


Mississippi Violates Students Constitutional Rights

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Ummm ... WHY hasn't someone called the ACLU on this crap?  Seriously!

I hear ya, but did you see the freaking infernal comments section below the article, all those idiots willing to allow these children's constitutional rights to be violated in order to get other kids to behave in class???? WTF? I wonder if it ever occurred to any of them what a slippery slope it becomes when we start to allow the nanny state to choose what we wear and define for us what is proper attire? What's next? Socks too low? Wrong color socks? No socks? I'm definitely going to prison if that's the case! I wonder if they read the whole article, they will jail them for 'flatulence' in the classroom or cursing! I kid you not, FLATULENCE! Yet another bodily function one can't always control, you know like a woman getting preganant when raped.... What's next? The Hunger Games for real? I mean we already have a reality show glorifying war as a game... so that's not too much of a stretch...  I fear for my country, I think she's already lost.



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