In NY, hundreds of thousands of people are stopped and frisked annually, and most of them are black and Latino.

Much more info on the link, here is some of the most recent:

  • "In 2011, New Yorkers were stopped by the police 685,724 times.
    605,328 were totally innocent (88 percent).
    350,743 were black (53 percent).
    223,740 were Latino (34 percent).
    61,805 were white (9 percent).
    341,581 were aged 14-24 (51 percent).
  • In the first three months of 2012, New Yorkers were stopped by the police 203,500 times
    181,457 were totally innocent (89 percent).
    108,097 were black (54 percent).
    69,043 were Latino (33 percent).
    18,387 were white (9 percent)."


I remember once, years ago, I left a major book store in Portland (Powell's).  It was a hot summer day.  I was wearing shorts and a polo shirt, and not carrying any objects, packages or bags.  For some reason, the alarm went off, and a security guard ran after me on the street and grabbed me by the arm, dragging me back into the store.  I kept saying, "Where am I going to hide anything?  I'm half-naked".  He frisked me in front of other customers, then said "You can go now".  I said again, "where would I hide something" and he said, "You set off the alarm."  No apology.  No nothin.  I was furious.  I wanted to sue.  But didn't.   It was many years before I ever went back there, and given a choice, I still use Amazon over Powell's.   At least Amazon can't drag you back and frisk you via the internet.  Even though I know it was just the stupid guard, and not the store that did it.  I can imagine, a little, what those millions of people must feel.  Especially when they area being racially profiled, which wasn't the case for my, minor, incident.


Stop And Frisk Fact Sheet -

Some exerpts - see the link for more

Disproportionate Use of Force on People of Color

Police used force – i.e. handcuffing, frisking, drawing weapon, restraining – about 50 % more often on blacks than on whites in 2006.
45% of blacks and Latinos who were stopped were also frisked, compared with only 29% of whites.


In 2006, 21.5 blacks were stopped for each arrest of a black person. 18.2 whites stopped for each white arrest.


Cops found guns, drugs, or stolen property on whites about twice as often as they did on black suspects



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