Election Day Obama Bash Party in Chicago with 1 mln+ people - anyone game?


I just caught a piece on CNN - there will be an Obama Bash Party in Chicago on Election Day, win or loose - ABOUT 1 MLN PEOPLE ARE EXPECTED. Win or loose, rain or shine.

If anyone is interested to go, please, let me know. Originally, I was planning to have an election party in my house on Election Day, but this caught my attention and I think it is kind of a once in a life time "pilgrimage" - even if you are a McCain/Palin supporter. If someone wants to go, let me know and then we'll see if someone else in KC will be willing to hold the Elections bash party.

We can fly (for $200-300 both ways) or drive in my hybrid Honda Civic Hybrid or if someone has a larger hybrid car or a non hybrid van - by the time you get to KCI airport, check in, wait fly, get off it is easily 3-4 hours. In this time span we'd be half way to Chicago is 540 miles from Overland Park to Grant Park, where they plan on it. It will take about 8 hours for us to drive at 70 miles per hour on cruise control :o) - it is a bit more than one tank gas for my hybrid. 4 hours extra per leg (8 hours total, plus no need for a rental car or cab and one night at a hotel in a slumber party - boys on boys or girls on girls or co-ed :o) may be worth the time and expenses, plus the fellowship, chats while driving, sharing greasy fast food while on the move and not stopping for food while driving or we can make brown bag sandwiches and just eat on the cheap this way.

I'll have wireless Internet in the car with a wi-fi hot spot for several people to be able assess on their laptops wirelessly, so it will be fun. 2 people comfortably can sit in the back, three squeezed in :o) plus one upfront or if someone want to have an 8 hour lap dance, we can have an extra person :o) Better take showers before we leave :o)

So, if there is any interest from anyone to go, let me know at kcfreethinkers@gmail.com We'd need to probably leave very early in the morning (4-5 a.m.) or the evening/day before depending on when the bash will begin, book a hotel on the way and maybe one in Chicago for that night and then get back to KC.

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