I thought I would see again if anyone knows of any Athiest Events in Kansas this summer? If not, maybe we might try to plan one? Like a simple get together of some type.

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I would love to have some big event in Kansas. I wouldn't know how to start one or plan one. Where in Kansas? linda
Hi Linda. I really don't know how to start one either. Being here in Bucklin, about 2 hours west of Wichita, I know I for one, would have to do some traveling regardless of where it's held. I am not sure where the largest concentration of our group is. Maybe we could just start with a small one this year with any members that would be interested in a small get together.
we need to get more responses. It wouldn't be much of a gethering if it was just you and me. I know there was a small gathering in Wichita, at a eatin joint. I will try to find more out about this and see if their still doing it.
I was hoping for more responses to this thread also. I guess we should give it a week or two and see if we get more.
peg k is the one who seems to know the most about the "get togethers". I signed up for updates. Try to add her (PEG K) as afriend if you haven't already. She has more interesting links and info on her page. I will continue to explore this topic. Linda


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