I had read the book a couple of years ago, and last night I watched the documentary on Hulu.  Here's the link:  http://www.hulu.com/watch/235713/whats-the-matter-with-kansas


The documentary did not go into why Terry Fox was fired from Immanuel Baptist church when (according to him) he was the greatest thing that ever happened to them.  I found an article written at the time which said it was for "conduct unbecoming a Christian". 


I watched this with my young daughter and had to constantly correct inaccuracies said by these "uber christians" interviewed for the documentary.  For example, the interviewees said Patrick Henry University put more people in the White House than Harvard, Yale or any other university.  To me, "in the White House" means "president".  It does not mean cleaning staff or secretarial pool.  A few months ago, feeling a bit down because all I could afford was a state U, I looked up what universities all the presidents had graduated from.  Yes, some of them graduated from state universities, but mostly, they are all Ivy Leaguers with a few West Point grads.  Not a single Patrick Henry U grad among them.  In fact, it has only been around since 2000.  I am not sure what "in the White House" means to these people unless they are referring to the cleaning staff or other low level personnel - not the folks on the very top. 


I wouldn't say the documentary made these "uber christians" look stupid (IMO uber christians are the one who believe they "out christian" all the regular christians who perhaps go to state universities or who once in a while crack a book not written by their church), but just really gullible.  


I am interested to know what other people thought.  I was really disappointed the really interesting stuff about the Populist Movement and Kansas socialists was so short.  I liked the Farmer's Union guy.  He seemed to be an intelligent person with his feet on the ground.  I liked the old man artist too. 

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Hi Grace,


Haven't watched the documentary, but I have read a lot about Patrick Henry College (PHC), as I was home schooled by my christian conservative parents.  What they were referring to (I assume) is that Bush hired many college interns from PHC: many more than the ivy league schools.  Many republican legislators have also hired interns from PHC.  Interning at the white house or for a legislator is not like being a secretary, but rather a launching pad for a career as a political strategist/member of a political party machine.


Here are a few links about PHC.








It's pretty scary, right?


I look forward to seeing the movie later this week!



Just had a look at the Wikipedia article and found this:


All students must sign a "Statement of Faith" before they arrive, affirming belief in what the college considers core Christian doctrines. For example, students are asked to acknowledge "Satan exists as a personal, malevolent being who acts as tempter and accuser, for whom Hell, the place of eternal punishment, was prepared, where all who die outside of Christ shall be confined in conscious torment for eternity", and "Christ's death provides substitutionary atonement for our sins." The college professes non-denominational Christian beliefs.


I don't care what anyone else says ... THAT is SCARY.

That is scary, but it was also under Bush.  I'm sure that has changed.  The documentary wasn't really about HPU, it was mainly about the conservative christian political movement in Kansas.    Obviously, there was some stuff about how Kansas used to be the center of liberalism and socialism.




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