The annual summer Martial Arts Fest is set to happen in Knoxville, TN this August 1-2 (It's good to arrive Thursday or Friday before.)

Cost: FREEE!!!!!!!!!!! (Heck, that even includes lodging, 'cause Eric is so super cool that we crash at his house.)

The school address is:
10709 Kingston PikeKnoxville, TN 37922
The school number is (865) 809-3002
The contact person is Eric Turner

NOW! Just what is this Fest thingy?

Since 2001 a bunch of us who met online have been meeting each summer. We spend a weekend learning from one another, beating each other up, teaching what we know, shooting the bull, eating, becoming great friends with one another, and just having an absolute blast. It's a wide open format, so you can grab anyone for a sparring session, a quick lesson, whatever. Just to give you an idea of some of the nuttiness over the years, we have had:
-Sessions to teach about flexible weapons (think 'How to strangle a guy with his own T-shirt as just one example.)
-Demos of forms from lots of systems (including a demo of the bull whip)
-Weapons demos and weapons sparring
-Sparring (striking, grappling, mixed, you name it) lasting anywhere from 30" to over 30' non-stop
-Oh and bruises..... there's nothing like sitting down with two cold ones. One for your parched throat and one for your blue thigh!

So come on to Knoxville if you can at all make it. All you gotta do is get there (might want a few bucks in case we hit a restaurant, which we usually do.)

It's a total blast and you cannot beat the price. Oh yeah, and you'll meet great people you can make friends with.

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