This piece of idiotic discussion epitomizes everything's that's wrong with the atheist subculture:

"Atheism vs communism"

Intellectually and historically illiterate, ignorant, horseshit. Atheism as an identity is impoverished.

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I agree. To advance Atheism as a political agenda is tantamount to isolationism and downright absurdity. I live in an Islamic state so i know the consequences of doing something of the sort.
Are you going to respond to this. I certainly dont have the time to bother. Otherwise i wouldve pummeled these idiots. Even a cursory knowledge of world history tends to disprove most of these Oh-so-empiricist claims. Apparently they aren't aware of how social science works or how history is documented for that matter.

To advance atheism as a political agenda is tantamount to isolationism and social suicide. I know this because i live in an Islamic state.
It's a waste of time. The ignorance of philosophy as well as of history is too deep. This is what happens when small, ignorant people take on atheism as an identity.
It's a sad state of affairs, but for every sensible atheist there is an Ayn Rand-worshipping Objectivist who think that her reactionary nonsense isn't bullshit.




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