American Atheists plans to appeal Friday's decision to the Kentucky Supreme Court, said its president, David Silverman.


The fact that two Kentucky judges have said the law is constitutional and two other judges have disagreed "just shows the very deep division over religion in our society," said Edwin Kagin of Union, an attorney for American Atheists.

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Another dubious honor for a state that struggles vigorously to stay in the 19th century. I am embarrassed to live here.
I expect that every state government, at times, acts in ways which embarrass its citizens.  In the Commonwealth of Kentucky, the all too frequent overlooking or disregard for separation of church is certainly an issue with which we struggle.  As you may know, in Kentucky, our Appellate and Supreme Court Judges are elected and, as in this case, these men and women are not necessarily above pandering to the religious majority.  Until and unless those of us who are secular speak out, stand up, and become recognized as a viable political force, we will continue to receive minority consideration and be forced to battle the ignorance and tyranny of the majority.


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