Discrimination Favoring "Church Groups" in Use of County Facilities in Warren County

I noted today on the official website of the Warren County Parks and Recreation Department that they offer a discount on the rental of county facilities to "church groups".

See: Warren County Parks and Recreation

I just sent them a webmail asking for:

1) their definition of "church groups" and

2) a citation for the statutory authority for offering such discounts to "church groups".

I'll report back on their reply.

Larry (in Bowling Green)

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A follow-up: I've received an email indicating my inquiry has been forwarded to the Warren County Attorney for review.
It will amaze me if they reply to your first attempt. I checked out the website... a 50% discount for 'church groups' or 'church function' seems to be pretty standard. Perhaps even more amazing is the fact that they actually charge churches at all.

I should have posted about this earlier, but forgot to come back here and do so.

Warren County Parks and Recreation no longer offers discounts to religious or "church" groups. 

Kudos to Americans United for the Separation of Church and State for their assistance on this issue.


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