Republican challenger Williams is trying to smear Demoratic Governor Beshear because FFRF successfully stopped illegal clergy-led prayers to Jesus over the intercom at school-sponsored football matches in Bell County, Ky.

Keep in mind that this is the same Governor Beshear who signed off on millions of dollars of tax breaks for the Creation Museum.  No champion of separation of church and state, he.


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Christians are an oppressed majority in Kentucky and it's all the fault of those damn dirty liberals. But seriosly, one county down; hundreds to go. Beshear probably wouldn't have sided with our team if he thought the other side would win. Around here the Democrats are more conservative than a Republican from California or the northeast. Redneck Christians interpret seperation of church and state a denying their freedom of speech because they're too dense to see a difference between state officials wasting tax-payer resources to lead prayer and someone leading prayer at a church (which doesn't pay taxes).




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