So what’s so bad about god belief? Belief in god for most believers entails a belief in an invisible all powerful super being that created the universe. God belief for most also means a belief in an invisible world where the super being lives where good people will go when they die.

This shallow type of god belief is to me a little silly since there is no proof whatsoever that an invisible super being lives in an invisible world, the key word being invisible of course. However I suppose there is little danger in shallow god belief.

The problems begin to arise with god belief when we move past the shallow believers to the believers that live in a much deeper level of god belief. These people believe in an invisible super being that is watching their every move 24 hours a day to see if they live up to the super beings level of perfection.
These believers even believe that the super being can read their minds.

Now in most cases these people have been convinced that in the invisible super beings eyes they are very bad people. They come nowhere near the super beings standard of perfection. The invisible super being is not going to let them into his invisible world when they die under their own power; in fact he is likely going to send them to another invisible world where they will undergo torture forever after they die.

The people that crashed the planes into the twin towers on 9-11 fall into this group. It was their belief that the only way they were assured of going to the good invisible world and not the bad invisible world was if they died in an act of war for the cause of the invisible super being. 9-11 was their act of war.

Also into this group fall those people who do things trying to please the invisible super being by giving large sums of cash to slick con men and women that claim to know that the invisible super being wants them to do this.
People may also go to far away dangerous lands to live trying to convert the people living there to their invisible super being way of thinking. 

Lives are wasted, money is fleeced, talents are wasted and so on by so many people trying to please an invisible super being for which there is no proof for, and the key word again is invisible.

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I agree that there is little harm to the shallow believers.  In fact, many people receive benefits from their belief.  They have an invisible friend that they can talk to and who will listen to their troubles.  It would be nice to have such a friend.

Recently on the podcast "Skepticality", it was stated that such people would have to spend a lot of money in psychotherapy if they did not have their belief. 

To each his/her own, I suppose, but I refuse to accept that blind belief is better than the truth.




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