Where are the Kentucky Freethinkers? Show yourself on a map (zipcode only)!

We have set up a map to help Kentucky atheists/freethinkers/humanists find each other! The map and form are on the Kentucky Secular Society site athttp://kysecularsociety.org/map-of-interest/. It only requires a name/alias and zip code, and you can also enter your email address if you are interested in being contacted by Freethinkers in your area. (Your email will not be published and we will only give it out with your consent.)


Mikel Hensley
KySS Secretary and Webmaster

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Tks for this! I'm happy to know others are out there

So, I thought I would resurrect this thread if I can. Am I really living in this much of an echo chamber in NKY? I only see three folks on the map, and only know barely a handful in person. And they're irreligious at best. I can't believe that NKY is such a void of religious dogma.... :(




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