Identifying the Arrogant Boss set off a light bulb.

Arrogance is characterized by a pattern of behavior that demeans others in an attempt to prove competence and superiority. Silverman says this behavior is correlated with lower intelligence scores and lower self-esteem when compared to managers who are not arrogant. [emphasis mine]

Not only does this damage business productivity, the emphasis of the article, it damages the psyche of everyone who interacts with the SOB. One sees the same thing in the arrogant teacher, spouse, or next door neighbor.

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Yeah I've encountered them.

It's rare here to encounter a boss that isn't, it being a small town in the bible belt probably has a lot to do with that and is the likely reason so many commute 30 to 40 miles metropolitan areas.

You've mentioned self-esteem via invidious comparison in other threads here, people propping themselves up through "I'm OK, you're not OK."

I've run into bosses like that! (Teachers, partners, fortunately not.)


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