The Cicadas Are Coming ...Hungry?

"The budding entomophagy enthusiast needs to cook up the catch into arthropod appetizers and many-legged main dishes.... cica-delicious pizza to cicada stir-fry. There's even banana cicada bread for desert."

"Young cicada nymphs are the most delicious, according to David Gracer, owner of SmallStock Food Strategies, a supplier of insect-based foods. Immediately after emergence, the cicadas' shells haven't hardened. The pale greenish-white insects are as soft as crab meat and have a taste similar to asparagus, he said."

They are due this spring.  More details here:

Personally, I'm ready to give them a try. I've never been one to refuse to try something just because others are squeamish about it. Because of that, I've been able to enjoy brains (delicious), kidneys (steak & kidney pie is to die for), and many other unusual items. When I get the opportunity, I will have no problem eating rattlesnake, horse, dog, or cat.

The only thing I've eaten that I didn't like was an 800 year-old pickled egg.

How about you all?

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Why not eat invasive species?  Giant African Land Snails, Lionfish, Tiger Prawns, Nutrias, Feral Hogs, Burmese Pythons, Brown Tree Snakes, Indian Mongooses, and Asian Carp.

Vegetarians with a taste for invasives can dine upon the kudzu plant. Kudzu cooks prepare the roots like potatoes, make salads of the leaves, turn the flowers into jelly and nibble on the tender shoots of the plant, which taste like snow peas.

I've never had the opportunity to eat any of those, but when I lived in California, there was a large army of snails munching on the Ivy covering the front of my house.  My brother came to visit and suggested we eat them.  They were quite tasty.




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