This year my house was blessed with a remodeled kitchen.  Well, it took a lot more than blessing to get it there, but the bottom line is now it's bigger, has excellent work areas, the counter tops are well lit with under-cabinet lighting, so we can actually see what we are doing, and a new stove that actually works.  Bottom line is it's a lot more pleasant to cook, and both of us are spending more time cooking.


What are we making?  A lot of it is comfort food.  We are making bread, pies, casseroles.  Pasta, egg dishes.  


I've been enjoying one casserole with bow-tie pasta, tomatoes, tomato sauce, spinach, mozzarella, parmesan.  There  is enough for several weekday lunches.  Another is potatoes, onions, and blue cheese.  My mother used to make one with potatoes sausage and saurkraut - I would have to substitute vegetarian sausage, but I will try that one tomorrow.  Also, a pie shell with broccoli, onions, cauliflower, and cream of mushroom soup, sort of a casserole in a pie.  I love that one.  As a pie maker, I use any excuse to make one, sweet or savory.


Is comfort food a current concept, or am I just remembering the past?  All I know is I'm really enjoying rediscovery of foods from the past.

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You are making me hungry just reading your post!

Well many more people go out to eat now then prepare meals like they used to in the past. So comfort food is still there -- but more people go out to eat their comfort food at a restaurant.

What pie did you make today in your newly remodeled kitchen? I saw your new kitchen photo - it looks great!

I love having this kitchen.  I never thought a remodel could change how I live, but it has.  We have more home made food, and I bring a lot more home made lunches to work.


The pie was apricot.  This summer I prepared several batches of apricots for pies - parboil, skin, slice, coat in some sugar and fruit preservative (just vitamin C) so they keep their color, and freeze.  This was as close as I could come to a fresh apricot pie, since the kitchen was gutted most of the summer (I did the boiling on the burner on the gas grill).  Then I used a recipe for peach pie.  The crust is made with olive oil instead of hydrogenated shortening, very healthy.


Wow! That looks scrumptious. You are a great cook.

I want to eat it off the computer screen -- haha.

It does sound healthier to have it with made with olive oil. The crust looks flaky too!

So yummy -- now I will dreaming of pie! : )


This week's comfort food was Conchiglioni al Forno (mine was simpler than the one in the link).  Basically, the big pasta shells.   I mostly followed the package recipe, but substituted low fat cottage cheese for the rocotta and substituted fresh basil for the spinach.  So the filling was cottage cheese, parmesan, and mozarella, chopped garlic, basil, and egg and some black pepper and nutmeg.  I used a 'spicy' tomato sauce (some day need to learn to make my own) and topped with slices of garlic and more parmesan.  It came out really good, enough for dinner and several lunches.




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