I recently read an article discussing the change in bread in Australia. For years we have enjoyed the luxury of fresh daily bread. Yes. Fresh. Daily. Supermarkets stocked their shelves with fresh bread every day and we made fresh sandwiches everyday and the next day it was toast then breadcrumbs. Left over bread from the shelves was then sold to pig farmers for pig food.

As an Aussie living in the US, I have always told fellow Americans how damn good the bread was back home and how much I missed it and now it seems we have lost that tradition and luxury. The bread manufacturers are going to change the bread 'recipe' so that the bread can last up to 14 days. I have always been amazed and a little dubious that my loaf of bread here can last that long. What is in it to make it last this long? But I always had the comfort of knowing that when I go home, I get my dose of fresh bread. Now, no more.

I go back to the days of having fresh milk delivered to my doorstep. Popping the top of that glass bottle, practically knocking the cream of the top with a knife and pouring that fresh milky liquid all over my cereal seemed so natural then, but a hard to find luxury now. All the basics have been messed with in order to make life easier for us all. Who wants to buy fresh bread every day when you can buy it every other day?. Well I do.

I have my organic garden in place as I am tired of eating fake vegetables from the supermarket. I have worm bins in order to make fresh, natural compost for my gardens. And now it seems I have to start baking my own bread. I may have to give up work in order to eat natural foods as the time I have to spend just to keep myself healthy has taken over my life.

Yes, I know that I can go to a co-op or farmers market to purchase organic vegetables but really, what guarantee is there that these vegetables are 100% organic and they are not necessarily cheap and I do enjoy gardening, however I DO NOT enjoy baking bread but I do not wish to pollute my body with this unnatural crap.

I am quite afraid of our future, we are filling our bodies with so many preservatives and fats and god knows what else, I cannot help to wonder what our next evolutionary process will be. Perhaps stupidity, ignorance and illnesses and surviving off prescription medications will be the norm.

Stop the world, I really do want to get off.

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Last week I found a package of sandwich buns that I bought this summer and stashed in a cabinet. The were a new type of flat, less soft bun.  They looked unchanged - not even mold.  I threw them out.

Most of the bread in the supermarket is the prepackaged kind, but there are usually bakeries in the store that sell bread, and then discount day-old bread or give it to food pantries I thought.


It isn't just in food that beautiful things are being discarded for easier, streamlined, and soulless things.

I know what you mean, especially those funny looking milk bottles with an hour glass figure from which I could scoop out the cream, and the breads coming out of the wood burning oven, chickens in the back yard who ate all the vegetable peelings and provided the day's supply of eggs, and sitting in the cool morning garden mixing cake batter, and laundry hanging on clothes lines.  Sweet memories; not possible in the days women work outside homes to provide money for a cash economy.  

Being retired, I can grow my own vegetables and make whipped cream, bake breads, have a one-a-day-egg chicken, and hang out laundry, and make cookies, and sit at the table with the grand-kids and great-grand-kids home from school eating slices of fresh fruits and vegetables just picked from the garden or enjoy fruits and vegetables from the freezer during winter months.  

Of all women, I am most blessed.  I don't have a TV any more and my computer brings me all kinds of documentaries and science programs that can fill any idle time.  I don't have to watch soap operas or commercial news and can "delete" the fools who show up on the screen from time to time.  

Each morning the sun rises, time flies, a day will come when I will no longer be able to do these things and I want to stay around just for the pure joy of living.  

Oh! by the way!  Two dear came by my window Thanksgiving night.  Peace. 

oops ... that should have been deer. 

some people thing that deer are dear.  


Some of those things are still around in other countries, anyway. My mother-in-law in India has chickens and pigs in the backyard, which both seem pretty cheap to raise because they can be fed scraps.


And hanging laundry outside is something I am passionate about! I can't believe that people object to it! There are some things about humans that I just don't understand, like why they have such a problem with useful, practical things.

Prog Rock Girl, do you live in the city or country?  Do you have a preference where you would like to live?  I like visiting relatives who have chicken and pigs out back and enjoy taking the slop bucket out to the pens.  Fresh eggs I like, slaughtering is not so good.  

Do you think people object to hanging laundry outside?  My impression is that women family and friends work outside the home now and don't have time to take laundry out to a clothes line.  Generally, and I may be wrong, most of the women I know like the fresh air of dried clothes outside.  I do remember that my grandmother had to be the first to have her laundry hanging out to dry and they had to be hung just so ... all the shirts together, all the pants, then the underwear and sox.  Women's underwear was hung between hanging sheets.  And the whites had to be absolutely spotless.  Dish towel all had embroidery on them, usually "Monday," "Tuesday," etc. Pillow cases had fancy lace they made themselves. It was called tatting. 


I've always wanted to learn tatting and knitting. I only know how to sew and crochet, though... I guess I need to watch more youtube!

Women in my grandmother's quilting group tatted and it is mesmerizing to watch. There is a sound, too, that gets almost hypnotic. They turned out lovely things, pillow cases, hankies, fancy guest towels.  They even iron their sheets.  Oh dear, I haven't had my iron out for several years.  

I live in Melbourne - and I get farm fresh raw organic jersey milk with lots of cream - almost half is cream!


it's become the rage in Melbourne coffee shops and people pay more to have coffee made with this milk...




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